Always in the eye of beholder… Art, fools

More and more art is the place to move money, hide money, steal money, and scam money. Tell us, have you been fooled?

We are an international organization amazed how “art” is the wild, wild west of investment and fraud. We hope to bring to light this problem and unite people around the world to fight this greed.

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Average personal money lost in art investments


Estimated lost tax payer money in art purchases each year

Have you been fooled lately?

Thought you made a sound investment that turned out to be a hoax? Mislead by the art market hype? Well, tell us about how you got fooled and help us make the public aware.


Have you seen something foolish?

Roundabouts, public works, art restorations, fraud copies, auction houses, private showings, etc… Art is hiding much more than talent. Tell us what is taking place in your neighborhood.


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Wood Prep for Classes

Above is all the wood in mid-prep for seven “Anarchist’s tool chests.” The lid panels and carcase front/back and ends still need to be cut to final width and length. I’m excited to soon be teaching again…but just looking at this picture makes me tired! I don’t make many unequivocal statements, but here’s one: SomeContinue reading “Wood Prep for Classes”

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton