ARTnews LIVE Explores the Intersections of Art, Fashion, Ideas and Influencers

In July, ARTnews launched a new video series hosted by Brooke Jaffe premiering on IGTV and available on our YouTube channel. In these approachable, relevant and dynamic interviews, Brooke speaks to a range of creators, artists, fashion designers, writers, curators and influencers who are change-makers in their fields. The focus is on art but also how to bridge the gap between art, fashion, beauty society and culture.

This month’s guests include the author of two books on emerging talent in art and fashion; three fashion designers with very different relationships toward art and artists—one was formerly married to an auctioneer, one draws inspiration directly from the works of art and the other uses artworks as a starting point to inform her creative process; and an artist who works closely with ideas and images gleaned from social media.

Antwaun Sargent
A​ntwaun Sargent speaks about the positive impact social media has had on the art world. The new venue now allows artists to show people their creative practices directly without mediation. “Social media has helped to pull back the curtain,” the author of ​The New Black Vanguard says, “and motivate more people to be artists.” Social media has also given us a window deeper into the fashion world where we can see more who participates in the production of fashion. Inclusion is not only what we see on the runway “but reflected in who is designing the clothes, who has the back-of-the-house jobs and who is front of house.”

“There is a lot more transparency (in the worlds of art and fashion) and social media has played a role in that,” the author points out. “We need to build an inclusion model that automatically would generate a more reflective representation of the world we live in.” Antwaun Sargent is also the author of Young, Gifted and Black, a book about the collection of Bernard I. Lumpkin and Carmine D. Boccuzzi which includes work by David Hammons, Kerry James Marshall, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Henry Taylor, Mickalene Thomas, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Jordan Casteel, Noah Davis, and Deana Lawson.

Victor Glemaud
Fashion designer Victor Glemaud explains the genesis of his signature slash sweaters which were inspired by a 2014 Lucio Fontana exhibit on view in Paris. Victor “sat on the idea for two years” because he had to search for the best factory partner who could execute the intricate slashes without sacrificing quality. Fontana isn’t the only artist who has influenced Gleamud’s work. A recurring reference point in his seasonal color palettes remains Hilma af Klimt’s signature pastels.

Tracy Reese
From her new home in Detroit, Michigan, Tracy Reese is designing and manufacturing her new sustainable collection ​Hope for Flowers.​ “Art always informs my work,” she says.  Simone Lee’s sculpture has a “tactile message” for Reese. She describes how she was enthralled by the tiny rosebuds Lee had used as adornment on some of her sculptures to represent hair. Reese keeps a mood board of images to use as references. Malik Sidibe’s photograph of a couple dancing is a posted there because of the woman who is wearing a fitted bodice. “There is a simplicity and purity to the shapes,” she says. “Art is so emotional and a constant source of inspiration.”

Gina Beavers
The conversation with artist Gina Beavers began with a sneak peak of works in progress in her Newark, New Jersey studio. Beavers relies on social media and online content to inform her work. “Cultural trends including food, makeup tutorials and body parts,” she says, are best captured online. That’s  fascinating to Beavers who is “drawn to the notion of the everyday creator” who is “simultaneously showing off their life.”

Misha Nonoo
Misha Nonoo is best known for her focused, sustainable approach to fashion expressed through her capsule collections. She talks about her collaborations with Dustin Yellin, the artist who designed the prints for one of her collections and walked in one of her fashion shows. Nonoo talks about her fascination with artists Loie Hallowell, Gerhard Richter and Francis Bacon.

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