Modern Art a Scam? The debate and the absurdity

I’m not sure it’s right to answer a question about modern art being a scam by discussing whether or not it’s art. Scam artists are indeed artists, after all. I’m going to go on a limb here and say modern art — the low-effort kind that became fashionable in the past century, that supposedly makesContinue reading “Modern Art a Scam? The debate and the absurdity”

Banksy-Funded Rescue Boat Sends Calls for Help After Getting Stranded

Earlier this week, news reports revealed that Banksy, the elusive street artist with a mass following in England and around the world, had funded a rescue boat that was set to transport North African refugees to Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea. On Saturday, after the vessel began making its voyage, its operators sent outContinue reading “Banksy-Funded Rescue Boat Sends Calls for Help After Getting Stranded”

Making Book Part 6: The Alt-write

For me, it is easier to launch a book-writing project than begin a big woodworking job. That’s because with a book, I can begin by writing a chapter at any point in the narrative.  That doesn’t work in woodworking. You shouldn’t build a dresser by first sanding and finishing all the rough lumber. I’ve triedContinue reading “Making Book Part 6: The Alt-write”