More Amazon Prime Day Sales on Studio Basics

On its annual Prime Day, which started at 3:00 a.m. Eastern this morning and runs through 3:00 a.m. Eastern October 15 (ok, so it’s really two days, not one…), Amazon is offering thousands of deals across all shopping categories.

As you have to be an Amazon Prime member to have access to any Prime Day offers, you might want to join the club. Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month (or $119 per year) and not only offers faster shipping, discounts at stores like Whole Foods, and access to Amazon Video, but—you guessed it—you can take advantage of steep discounts on studio supplies. As an alternative, you can pick up a free 30-day trial of Prime here in time to shop the sale.

Check out some of the deals on studio basics below, as well as our other recommendations for deals on studio supplies here and here. Many of these deals are lightning deals, lasting only a few hours. These products go fast, so the time to snap them up is surely now.

26% off Bostitch manual pencil sharpener
When your pencils get dull, a manual sharpener is often the best tool for a quick fix. Bostitch’s two-hole version comes in a pack of three and accommodates both standard and jumbo pencils. It can even be adjusted to produce your choice of a sharp or blunt pencil tip.
LIGHTNING DEAL! 10/13/20 4:30–10:30 PDT
Purchase: Bostitch Office Twist-N-Sharp Manual Pencil Sharpener, Double Hole, 3-Pack, $8.81 on Amazon.

24% off Elmer’s glue stick
What artist’s studio is complete without a stash of glue sticks? How about seven? There’s no collage or paper craft project that isn’t made easier (and less messy!) with with the help of a glue stick. This pack comes with one clear and six disappearing purple sticks, ensuring you’ll never run short.
LIGHTNING DEAL! 10/13/20 7:25–13:25 PDT
Purchase: Elmer’s Glue Stick, 7 Sticks, $3.79 on Amazon.

35% off Frogtape painter’s tape
A narrower version of the tape recommended here, this .94-inch painter’s tape comes in a 45-yard roll. A boon to artists and handypersons, it reacts to the water in latex paint  by forming a gel that seals its edges, preventing paint bleed.
LIGHTNING DEAL! 10/13/20 6:50–12:50 PDT
Purchase: Frogtape Multi-Surface Painting Tape, .94″ Wide, $25.66 on Amazon.

37% off Sandisk USB flash drive
Whether you’re an artist, a curator, or a gallerist, you need a flash drive that will easily store and transport high-resolution digital images. This elegant, all-metal thumb drive is low profile but high performance, with a capacity of 512 GB and a transfer speed of 150MBps.
DEAL OF THE DAY! 10/13/20 0:00–23:55 PDT
Purchase: SanDisk 512GB Ultra Luxe USB 3.0 Flash Drive, $62.99 on Amazon.

79% off Bostitch Impulse electric stapler
If you’re using a stapler in your studio, odds are you need it to attach more than two sheets together without jamming. This Bostitch stapler can accommodate up to 45 sheets at a time and is totally electric, meaning that all you have to do is slide your stack under the head and it will do the rest. What’s more, it’s fairly small considering it’s a heavy-duty version of this studio and office essential.
LIGHTNING DEAL! 10/13/20 4:55–10:55 PDT
Purchase: Bostitch Impulse 45-Sheet Electric Stapler Value Pack, $30.50 on Amazon.

55% off Sharpie permanent markers
A step up from the classic Sharpie writes-on-anything permanent marker, Sharpie Extremes promise to be fade resistant in even the most extreme of conditions (hence the name…). This pack comes with four fine-tipped pens that you can use to create art or simply label stuff. It’s up to you!
LIGHTNING DEAL! 10/13/20 7:10–13:10 PDT
Purchase: Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers, Black, 4-Count, $4.77 on Amazon.

40% off Scotch double-sided tape
Double-sided tape is a great way to mount photographs and prints without adding bulk that might show through on the surface. These classic Scotch dispenser rolls are the easiest way to pull out as much or as little tape as you need with ease.
LIGHTNING DEAL! 10/13/20 11:55–17:55 PDT
Purchase: Scotch Double-Sided Tape, No Liner, 1/2 x 500 inches, 6 Rolls with Dispensers, $13.61 on Amazon.

41% off Texas Canvas Wares heavy-duty work apron
Consider outfitting yourself in a work apron. Not only will prevent your clothing from getting as dirty as it (perhaps) does, it keeps frequently used tools near to hand while you work. Made of tough 16-ounce waxed canvas, this particular apron adjusts up to a size XXL for men and women and is outfitted with a simple quick-release buckle.
LIGHTNING DEAL! 10/13/20 3:05–9:05 PDT
Purchase: Heavy-Duty Work Apron from Texas Canvas Wares, Gray, $31.96 on Amazon.

28% off X-acto knife
No art or craft studio is complete without at least one X-Acto knife for precise cutting. This X-Acto comes with a standard #2 blade and a plastic safety cap for storage and transportation.
LIGHTNING DEAL! 10/14/20 6:40–12:40 PDT
Purchase: X-Acto #2 Knife with Safety Cap, $4.47 on Amazon.


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